Aerial video recordings with drone

We make aerial video recordings with a drone for companies or individuals, who need to complete a video with shots from the air, in its entirety or regardless of whether they themselves or another person make the video recording

Our scope of work extends throughout Catalonia: Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona, as well as their corresponding municipalities.

I am certified as a pilot by Aesa and I have the civil insurance and operator to fly legally. For our aerial video recording projects with drones, we comply with current drone flight regulations, as there are certain areas where Aesa does not allow the flight, such as urban areas or areas where crowds have to be flown over, for this we offer alternative solutions. , such as drone simulations, where we are allowed to film from an aerial perspective, but without the need to fly drones over crowded areas.

Why are aerial video recordings made with drones?

The objectives sought by filming with drones are usually diverse, for any audiovisual field.


  • Aerial video recordings with drone of advertising spots and corporate videos in order to increase the value of the brand, making a video with high-impact audiovisual content, highlighting the company itself, its products or services, its facilities, etc.
  • Drone recordings for the cinema
  • Wedding drone recordings and all kinds of celebrations and events (sports, cultural or social…).
  • Drone filming of nature videos.
  • Recording with drones for tourist promotions of town halls and other companies in the tourism sector.
Aerial recordings

Who needs our drone aerial video recording service?

  • Owners of tourist or vacation homes, rural houses, hotels, etc.
  • Town Halls, both in its tourist facet and other interests.
  • All kinds of companies that want to show their facilities and services.
  • Wedding couples
  • And in general, any individual or company that needs recordings from the air or aerial.


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