Advertising spots and videos for companies

We carry out the recording of advertising spots and videos for companies, being a very effective audiovisual tool to reach a specific audience.

We adapt to your needs by making recordings of advertising and corporate videos so that you can integrate them into your marketing strategy, both to publish on television, the internet, social networks or any other channel you consider.

Our scope of work extends throughout Catalonia: Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona, as well as their corresponding municipalities.

As an added value we can incorporate drone recordings into your videos.

In both cases, the purpose will be to transmit a positive message to the public so that they can count on your company.

Recordings of commercials or commercials

Advertising spots or also called promotional videos or commercials, serve specifically to promote a specific product or service and are usually broadcast on television or broadcast broadcasts. The Internet is also a great dissemination channel in its different aspects, especially in social networks, where the possibility of your videos being seen and shared is multiplied enormously, generating likes (likes), shares (shares) as well as subscriptions. . The main social networks, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter already integrate the video commonly so that they can be easily viewed and shared.

The objective of advertising spots is to capture the attention of the public from the first moment.


Video recordings for companies and events

Videos for companies or also called corporate videos are usually made to publicize the company’s brand, sharing its values, presenting its templates, work methodology, etc. and they are usually disseminated through the internet, presentations, conferences, events, fairs, etc.

Some advantages of video recordings.

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • They give great support to the brand in the case of corporate videos.
  • They are offered exclusively for the product or service they sell in the case of advertising spots.
  • They reach a large audience, especially those who prefer to watch content rather than read.
  • They increase visits to the web and improve positioning.
  • Possibility of requesting a call to action (call to action) to the audience.


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