Video recording for company events

We record videos for company or corporate events.

We have extensive experience in recording business events, events, meetings and conferences, galas, product or service presentations, symposiums, meetings, company celebrations, as well as live broadcasts via streaming.

We have the appropriate resources and techniques to record your business event video and be able to give visibility to the soul of your company, its products or services and thereby achieve awareness of your brand.

The most notable advantages of having your company event recorded on video are undoubtedly the increase in the impact of the event, as well as its diffusion and audience increase. We give the example of a company event that could have 300 people, but after being recorded, it can reach 10,000 or more visits to the video of the event, undoubtedly the diffusion increases and with this it is also possible to lengthen the event life.

From our company we take care of the entire planning, recording, production and post production process so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We will highlight the values of your company to transmit them to your public.

The advantages of having event videos and their applications

 – Dissemination of videos of events on social networks

Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn… being able to segment audiences if desired.

– Video broadcasting for events on video platforms

Type YouTube (second search engine behind Google), Vimeo…

– Publication of video recording on the corporate website

Where the emotions and the message of the event can be transmitted. It must also be taken into account that they have a positive effect on the SEO of the web since it increases the reading rate, as well as avoiding the unwanted bounce rate or web abandonment.

– Video dissemination of events by email marketing

Ideal if you have a list of clients as a promotional channel, it will always be welcomed by them and they will not consider it spam. Event videos usually have a great open rate in email marketing campaigns.


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